Solid Waste

Over the past 20 years, managing a municipal solid waste franchise or city provided collection service has become exceedingly complex and arduous. With the introduction of AB 939 (Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989), AB 341 (Mandatory Commercial Recycling), and AB 1826 (Mandatory Organics Recycling), the solid waste industry has transformed this once unassuming service into the multifaceted industry we see today. Due to these current demands, it is pertinent to have a well-experienced consulting firm on your side; simply, for managing the intricacies of waste management franchises and other related areas.

Over the years, MuniEnvironmental has helped municipalities recover millions of dollars of unpaid fees, and has additionally assisted them in achieving the mandatory goals of local, state, and federal legislation. All of which has been accomplished by successfully simplifying and/or overseeing the tasks associated with the management of a franchise agreement.

As the solid waste industry evolves, so must the tools and techniques employed by those that operate within the industry. MuniEnvironmental stands alone in its experience, technique, and overall approach to the solid waste industry.

MuniEnvironmental has expertise required to meet the challenges municipalities face in the following areas:

• Rate Reviews & Cost Analyses
• Franchise Compliance Audits
• Waste Audits & Reviews
• Regulatory Compliance & Reportings
• Educational Outreaches
• Regional Service Rate Surveys
• Contract Negotiations
• Franchisee Fee Audits
• Grant Writings
• RFP Processes
• Solid Waste Facility Permits