MuniEnvironmental Partners with the City of Bellflower for Annual Rate Adjustment Review

Managing a municipal solid waste franchise is highly complex, with local, state and federal legislation having transformed a once-unassuming service into a multifaceted industry.

“In many municipalities,” says MuniEnvironmental CEO and Principal Consultant Jeff Duhamel, “the system is so fragmented that it’s difficult to understand what the price represents. MuniEnvironmental is committed to finding solutions that offer competitive fees while meeting legislative requirements.”

When the City of Bellflower received a letter from their solid waste and recycling service provider requesting a rate adjustment, City Manager Jeff Stewart turned to MuniEnvironmental for a franchise contract compliance and rate modification review.

“We have an annual request every year, based on several different indices,” says Stewart. “Rather than try to measure this complex agreement ourselves, we contracted with MuniEnvironmental.”

“Jeff Duhamel is a square dealer who knows the trash business inside and out,” continues Stewart. “I trust MuniEnvironmental’s ability to get the work done.”

The project will focus on an audit of the rate adjustment request submitted by the City of Bellflower’s waste hauler. The audit is intended to verify the consistency of the rate calculations with the rate adjustment provisions of the franchise agreement, including proper application of the rate adjustment indices. MuniEnvironmental also will verify that the percentage changes in the rate adjustment indices used in the rate adjustment formula have been properly calculated.

MuniEnvironmental previously has engaged with the City of Bellflower to identify organic recycling opportunities.

“MuniEnvironmental is pleased to provide professional consulting services to the City of Bellflower,” says Duhamel. “With the never-ending changes in the solid waste and recycling industry, rate modifications should be evaluated for accuracy and contract consistency.”

With proven expertise in the Solid Waste, Recycling and Stormwater Industries, the experienced professional staff of MuniEnvironmental provides consulting services to governmental agencies attempting to implement mandated regulatory requirements while striving to preserve their leadership and administrative role with their contract service providers and the business community.


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