Soaring Trash Fees for L.A. Condos and Apartment Buildings Spark Outrage

El Sereno resident Scott Toland is another unhappy customer of L.A.’s new refuse and recycling program.

Toland recently learned that the monthly trash bill at the 10-unit condominium complex where he lives could double — at a minimum. And that’s only if his homeowner association cuts back on regular trash pickup.

The reason? An assortment of extra fees, all backed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council as part of RecycLA.

Universal Waste Systems, the neighborhood’s designated refuse hauler, sent Toland an estimate indicating the company would charge $43.30 a month to open the gate to the complex, which requires a remote control clicker, for the property’s regular trash.

To read the full article from the Los Angeles Times click here. 

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