MuniEnvironmental Renews City of Industry Contract

The City of Industry has engaged MuniEnvironmental for a new, six-month contract.

MuniEnvironmental previously has been contracted by the City of Industry to support its construction and demolition diversion, recycling and monitoring program.

In 2002, the California Legislature passed SB 1374, which requires all municipalities to enact mandatory construction and demolition recycling programs targeting 75 percent diversion.

“Supporting best practices for the City of Industry, MuniEnvironmental will continue to implement the SB 1374 construction project tracking program,” said MuniEnvironmental CEO and Principal Consultant Jeff Duhamel. “This program will ensure the City’s compliance with the recently implemented Construction Waste Management Plan in accordance with the California Green Building Code requirements.”

In 1989, AB 939 established the current organization, structure and mission of CalRecycle. Since its enactment, all City of Industry recyclers have been required to procure an annual permit and to report monthly on their activities. MuniEnvironmental will monitor all local recyclers and salvagers, and refer any operator functioning outside of the prescribed permit program to the City of Industry code enforcement department.

With the advent of AB 341, Mandatory Commercial Recycling, and AB 1826, Mandatory Organics Recycling, the City of Industry’s recycling and reporting program has developed from a marginally supported voluntary program to a mandatory program that includes citywide participation, monitoring and reporting. Both AB 341 and AB 1826 require municipalities to implement and report on programs to the State of California. In May 2014, the City Council required all business entities to register as generators and choose the recycling method that will be used to meet the mandatory requirements. For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, MuniEnvironmental will continue to manage the City’s generator database, maintaining annual education outreach for existing covered businesses and distributing up-to-date educational materials to new businesses.

Also as required by AB 1826, MuniEnvironmental will continue to identify organic recycling facilities for City of Industry-generated organic materials.

“The City of Industry has a great interest in working with local communities and agencies to identify local recycling opportunities and infrastructure needs,” says Duhamel. “MuniEnvironmental looks forward to further cooperation with the City’s key stakeholders, including other jurisdictions and agencies, to target and evaluate existing, expanded and new facilities for recycling organic materials.”

MuniEnvironmental will meet monthly with City of Industry staff to review all deliverables and program implementation results.

Incorporated in 1957, the City of Industry is an industrial suburb of Los Angeles.

With proven expertise in the Solid Waste, Recycling and Stormwater Industries, the experienced professional staff of MuniEnvironmental provides consulting services to governmental agencies attempting to implement mandated regulatory requirements while striving to preserve their leadership and administrative role with their contract service providers and the business community.


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