MuniEnvironmental Delivers Solid Waste Efficiency Study to the City of Manteca

MuniEnvironmental has recently delivered a Solid Waste Efficiency Study to the City of Manteca. The study provides an extensive analysis of the City’s overall solid waste collection diversion and disposal operations and offers recommendations for improvements.  

“MuniEnvironmental is pleased by City of Manteca’s decision to analyze their current collection operations,” says MuniEnvironmental CEO and Principal Consultant Jeff Duhamel. “We have gained invaluable insight about the City’s operations through our study, and while the City is providing exceptional service to its customers, our firm has also found several opportunities for improved efficiencies. 

MuniEnvironmental’s study reviewed the City’s revenue and routing efficiency with a focus on customer-generated revenue within the residential and commercial sectors, routes and route hours, administration, supervision and collection equipment. The solid waste consulting firm has found opportunities for the City to save on costs and improve efficiencies in several areas, including rescheduling once-per-week commercial route stops and discontinuing alley services wherever possible. 

“Residential back alley collection services,” says Duhamel, “presented a challenge during our field observations.” 

MuniEnvironmental’s consultants observed that some residents place their automated containers in an alley, while other residents use a front-facing street location. This mixed service appeared to be not only inefficient but also borderline unsafe due to close conditions and adjacent power lines. 

After carefully analyzing all available information, MuniEnvironmental determined that the City of Manteca’s solid waste operation is providing exceptional, adequately staffed service. However, there is opportunity for cost savings and improved efficiency that will position the City to be prepared for continued population and commercial growth. 

With proven expertise in the Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Industries, the experienced professional staff of MuniEnvironmental provides consulting services to governmental agencies attempting to implement mandated regulatory requirements while striving to preserve their leadership and administrative role with their contract service providers and the business community.

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