MuniEnvironmental Awarded Contracts In Santa Fe Springs

sante-fe-springsIn August of 2016, The City of Santa Fe Springs awarded MuniEnvironmental a contract for their Waste and Recycling Program. MuniEnvironmental was selected for their knowledge and skill in environmental services. The City trusts the firm to ensure compliance with AB 341 and AB 1826. The program is set to run for 36-months (three-years).

For over three-decades, California has been at the forefront of diverting solid waste from landfills. The California Legislature has mandated ambitious levels for solid waste (trash) diversion from landfills through recycling programs implemented in local jurisdictions. These programs directly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while recycling reduces the need for new raw materials limiting the use of fossil fuels in extraction, manufacturing and transportation. Recently, the State of California increased the mandatory diversion rates to save space in landfills and to limit GHG emissions.

For a complete summary of legislation impacting local governments and their diversion requirements, click here.

Implementation of local programs to meet State mandates fall squarely on the shoulders of local governments, with no additional funding or assistance from the State. As a result, cities are saddled with the daunting challenge of implementing and then auditing their waste management programs, often looking to the waste haulers for assistance. MuniEnvironmental helps cities manage their risk when implementing diversion programs and navigating complex State regulation.

MuniEnvironmental’s scope of work will include education and outreach to waste generators, education through the City newsletter and website, monitoring for compliance with regulation through coordination with the waste haulers, fulfilling Sate reporting requirements and recommendation to the City Council and staff for further compliance measures and adjustments to the program.

“The City of Santa Fe Springs is excited to start their partnership with MuniEnvironmental in order to better service our residents and businesses. Helping us achieve our goals for solid waste diversion will help the City provide a cleaner and healthier environment for our community,” commented Santa Fe Springs City Manager Thaddeus McCormick.

Without the proper resources, city’s often find it difficult to dedicate staff to carry out compliance measurements internally. Fortunately, MuniEnvironmental was established to help City’s for this specific need. The City of Santa Fe Springs is aware of their need to reach compliance with State regulation and better serve their residents and businesses and MuniEnvironmental will work hard to make sure the City is achieving their goals.

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