MuniEnvironmental Awarded Contract In Lomita

city-of-lomita-logoThe City of Lomita has engaged MuniEnvironmental to audit their waste hauler billing and performance. MuniEnvironmental will review the activities and charges of the City’s waste hauler, CALMET Services, Inc., to ensure the waste hauler is fulfilling all the terms of its franchise agreement with the City. Such audits are routinely performed by third-parties given the complexity of the agreements and large financial impacts related to the franchise fees.

The City of Lomita operates a residential and commercial waste hauler franchise agreement with CALMET Services, Inc. Under this franchise agreement, CALMET Services is the only waste hauler authorized to collect and dispose of all of the City’s solid waste including commercial, residential, and construction debris. In exchange for the exclusive franchise with the City, CALMET Services agreed to several conditions including the right of the City to review billing and the operations of the franchisee to ensure compliance with the agreement.

“CALMET Services has provided consistently good service to our residents and businesses. With any healthy business relationship, particularly one with as significant a financial agreement as this one, it is important to ensure the complex agreement is being properly executed,” said Lomita City Manager Ryan Smoot. “The City will rely on the expertise of MuniEnvironmental to review compliance with the terms of our franchise agreement and report back to the City.”

MuniEnvironmental will be performing a Billing Audit and Performance Review. MuniEnvironmental is serving as a consultant to the City to ensure compliance with franchise fee payments, gross receipts, tonnage reporting, diversion rate and other contract requirements.

“The waste hauler contract is often one of the most complex and financially significant agreements a city will enter into. Yet, cities often don’t have the depth of in-house expertise to properly review and evaluate waste haulers activities to comply with the agreement,” said Jeff Duhamel, President of MuniEnvironmental. “MuniEnvironmental’s role is to leverage our solid waste industry expertise on behalf of the City of Lomita to ensure the City has a complete understanding that all aspects of the franchise agreement are being fulfilled.”

MuniEnvironmental, LLC (Muni Environmental) is a team of educated and experienced professionals providing consulting expertise in the Solid Waste, Recycling and Stormwater Industries. The team provides consulting services to governmental agencies attempting to implement mandated regulatory requirements while striving to preserve their leadership and administrative role with their contract service providers and the business community.

As a family-friendly City, Lomita creatively and consistently strives to provide excellent public service and employee performance, with the intent to enrich the quality of life for every citizen, worker and business owner. The mission of the City of Lomita is to provide a healthy, safe and friendly small-town community where everyone can successfully live, work and play.

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